Validate the Accuracy of Interviews, Statements, and Testimony

Critical life events such as criminal defense, divorce, child custody, or crucial business negotiations are far more difficult to navigate when you suspect the other party is not being truthful.

Statement analysis is the most accurate method of determining if a person is lying. It can be employed to previous interviews and written statements, and does not require the presence or consent of the subject. This advanced technique examines the precise language used, which often discloses far more than intended. Certain phrasing of thoughts or recollections can uncover inconsistencies, holes in an alibi, or outright fabrications.

Parker is a noted expert in statement analysis and has worked on national high-profile cases.

Types of Cases

  • Civil actions such as divorce, child custody, or negligence complaints that result in depositions
  • Criminal investigations
  • Negotiations and due diligence
  • Any need to analyze the truthfulness of written or verbal communication
  • [Need additional types of cases statement analysis is used in]

Put Parker’s 30 years’ experience to work for you.

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How We Do It

Parker will develop a case strategy for your specific circumstances. Drawing from a broad array of investigative techniques and services, your case will be managed to maximize effectiveness and minimize costs.

  • Statement Analysis

    Determine truthfulness by examining the way witnesses and suspects phrase answers in interviews.

  • Documented Interviews

    Parker has conducted 30,000 interviews of witnesses and suspects.

  • Surveillance

    Photos and video captured by investigators can be compelling evidence.


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