Police Use of Force

This type of investigation can involve many different types of use of force by law enforcement agencies. “Use of Force” can range from the simple use of physical contact to the use of force that results in the death of a person. Deaths can result from the use of physical and mechanical restraints that were improperly used, use of chemical sprays such as pepper sprays, improper arrest techniques and weapons. These cases are also important because they usually involve both criminal matters as it relates to the officer involved and civil litigation as it relates to the victim. Usually these cases are also investigated by the FBI as to civil rights violations on behalf of the victim.

Parker Investigations has investigated numerous “Use of Force” cases as a former Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent that involved many different law enforcement agencies. These cases require the interviewing of all witnesses, review of department policies and procedures, knowledge of state law and recent court rulings, examination of the scene through photographs and videos and review of the officers past performances / complaints / disciplinary history.

Detailed reports by Parker Investigations will document all of the investigative actions and a final “opinion” will be rendered based on the information gained from the investigation. This opinion is based on the evidence and the experiences of Parker as a law enforcement officer.