Corporate & Residential Security

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a small local business or a home owner, a comprehensive security plan is of the upmost importance in today’s times. Recent trends in legislation such as a Senate Bill in California, are charging employers with the safety and security of it’s employees requiring them to have policies and procedures in place in the event of a situation.

Parker Investigations has a team of well-qualified, well trained security professionals with prior law enforcement Corporate / Residential Security Assessments experience to identify the threats and concerns, analyze and prioritize those threats, devise plans and strategies to reduce the likelihood of those threats and have contingency plans ready in case those threats occur. Don’t settle for large security companies that are only interested in selling a security system and charging a monthly fee. Usually these companies send a sales person, with no experience, to your home or place of business. A true security assessment incorporates physical, procedural and liability concerns into a comprehensive plan.


  • Review of current video system- location of cameras, type of camera utilized, storage of information (cloud based, DVR, capacity), security of stored information.
  • Review key access system.
  • Review exterior and interior physical security- locks, access points, structural barriers.
  • Review of infrastructure, security of: heating and cooling units, power, water.
  • Review of emergency evacuation procedures in the event of: bomb threats, barricaded gunman, irate customers and/or spouses and relatives of employees, active shooter.
  • Review of hiring procedures: application forms, background checks/investigations, polygraphs. Many problems can be avoided at this stage.
  • Review of termination procedures. Many problems/injuries/deaths have arisen from this process.
  • Develop and construct “safe rooms”. This room may be the difference in the safety of yourself and others.
  • Review security of assets: vehicles, equipment, storage areas, parking areas, ingress and egress points.
  • Develop security protection plans for individuals within the company.

It is unnecessary to hire a separate video camera installer or a construction company to build safe rooms or make structural changes changes. Parker Investigations has licensed professionals to perform the work needed. These professionals are associated with Parker Investigations after having extensive background checks conducted and have signed non-disclosure forms so that your privacy is secure. With one call to Parker Investigations, an assessment can be conducted and equipment and changes made without involving several individuals or companies.

Let your employees know that their safety is one of your major concerns.