Background Investigations

There are many true stories on TV about how someone got involved with another person and it was later on in the relationship that the person turned out to be someone who he or she was not. If only they knew ahead of time. A thorough background check can save a person a lot of money and heartache. If you are on an online dating site, you need to know who you are about to meet and possibly get involved in a long term relationship. Knowing up front that the person has a checkered past with law enforcement or creditors can help you decide if you want to get involved with that person.

If you are the director of a human resource department charged with the hiring of new employees, you need to know who is being hired. A complete background investigation can provide a corporation with a detailed report that would include interviews with previous employers/co-workers, financial and criminal history, interviews with references and unsolicited references, social media searches, interviews with neighbors and checks with local law enforcement agencies concerning the applicant.

We have experience with background investigations for employees for law enforcement agencies, corporations and State of Georgia political appointees.